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Why Cook it

Fresh, healthy and delicious meals, delivered straight to your doorstep. We created this company so you can spend more time with your family and less time worrying about what to make for dinner! Journey with us as we discover new flavors, learn better cooking techniques and simplify the way we eat at home.


The Cook it difference: why you’ll love the experience…

Rediscover the kitchen

With 8 new recipes to choose from every week, you can learn how to cook a variety of different cuisines. Gain confidence and improve your cooking skills with our step-by-step instructions.

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No more food waste

Roughly 35 billion dollars of food is wasted every year in Canada alone. Our pre-portioned ingredients mean that we send you only what you really need.

Spend time where it matters

Our simple recipes are ready in less than 30 minutes, so you can spend more time eating with your friends and family. Plus, no more unplanned trips to the grocery store!

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Meal kit subscription

Never think about ‘what’s for dinner’ ever again!

  • 8 new and original recipes every week!
  • 2 ready to eat options.
  • Always at least 3 vegetarian options to choose from.
  • Plan your meals up to 3 weeks in advance!

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How much does it cost?

A family of 4 can receive 3 meals per week for $90.

  • Starting at $7.33 per serving, shipping included.
  • Choose to receive your deliveries during the day or evening. *
  • No commitment. You can cancel or skip anytime!
* Only in Montreal

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Famille Cook it
  • "Sometimes the kids say they don't want to try new recipes. I give them two choices..

    Take it or leave it!"

    Judith Fetzer, mom & founder of Cook it

We'll always have our customers hearts in mind.

70% of our customers are families and
they say Cook it has changed their lives forever!

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