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Bye bye plastic bags!

Hello Sustainable Kit

The sustainable kit replaces plastic bags, cardboard boxes and plastic containers with 100% recyclable containers. Delivered by bike, you will get the same fresh and locally sourced recipes but in reusable contents.

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Make sure the Sustainable Kit is available in your area

The Sustainable Kit in a nutshell…

  • Reusable bags, containers and ice packs
  • Less food waste with pre-portioned meals
  • 14 meals amongst which to choose each week
  • Skip a week as you please (no need to order every week)
  • Bike delivery every Tuesday night
  • $30 deposit (reimbursed when you give back the contents)

Why is the Sustainable Kit not available to all customers?

The Sustainable Kit is still at the pilot project stage but we’d like to offer it to every customer in the upcoming two years. We are still testing the waters, we are keeping it on a smaller scale geographically so we can offer the best service.

Why do I have to pay a $30 deposit?

It covers for the higher costs of reusable material and it also incites people to give their containers back after using them. Have no fear, the $30 is given back to you if you decide not to order anymore.

Are the recipes from the original box available to me?

Absolutely! They are the same recipes, delivered in reusable containers. We must warn you that the ready to eat meals will still be packed in single use containers.

How to give your reusable kit back?

You can give your empty and clean Sustainable Kit back to the delivery person when you get your next box. If you are not home, just leave it in front of your door.