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The unscented Company
The unscented company
Bon Bon
Chocolats favoris
Fruit Basket
Cafe liegeois

The Pantry

You can now add a variety of fresh fruits, breakfasts, lunches and snacks coming from your favorite Quebec brands. They will be delivered to you every week in your box.

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Local products

Products from the pantry are all made in Quebec. We are trying to make the box as local as possible.

Products selected and tested by our team

All that is available in our pantry was carefully selected by our team of foodies. Of course, everyone has different tastes, but these are all products that our team consumes and loves.


Products helping us reduce over packing in your boxes

Items you will find in a regular pantry will never be wrapped in Cook it bags (butter, olive oil, etc.) You can find these same products in our pantry so you will never have to get out of the house again to cook our recipes. All that in order to reduce our usage of wrapping materials.