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Why Cook it? Because

It changes everything.

We don’t want to brag, but it has to be said: in the ready-to-cook world, we’re really getting somewhere. Why? Because we understand that your everyday life is already busy and complicated, and all you really want is a little simplicity. So if you feel like you can relate, take a look below to see why we’re the BEST ready-to-cook service in the solar system!

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Never ask yourself again

"What are we going to eat tonight?"

Yes, your kids will still ask the question, but now at least you’ll have the answer. With Cook it, you choose between 14 delicious recipes each week. You choose, and we send you your personalised box containing all the ingredients you need to cook a delicious meal with your family, your friends or just your cat.

Less planning, more fun

(Come on now, we all know that's what going to happen.)

Our chefs create recipes that are quick to cook. You have other things to get done than spending the whole evening in the kitchen. Every week, you’ll have access to recipes that are ready in 30 minutes, in 15 minutes, and even our ready-to-eat options which are ready in 5 minutes or less. That’s what we call EFFICIENCY.

Average time required for a 4-portion meal*

Cook it

18 min
+ groceries

84 min

53 min

Ready-to-eat meals

It's like being a celebrity with your own personal chef. (and our competitors definitely don't offer you that.)

Each week, we’ll also offer a ready-to-eat option. For no additional charge, we’ll prepare it for you and add it to your box, leaving you to just heat it up. If that’s not heaven, we don’t know what is. Okay, maybe add a little glass of your favourite vino on the side.

Cook it is a little expensive, but

It's less expensive

Cook it may be a little pricier than your usual home-cooked meals, but for trying new recipes, it’s a much cheaper option than going out and buying all the ingredients, spices, little bottles of special vinegar and all the other bits and pieces you need. And of course, it’s far cheaper than a restaurant meal. If you also consider that you’re wasting less, both inside your fridge and at the grocery store, ‘slightly pricier Cook it’ starts to look a lot like ‘slightly cheaper Cook it’.

We're the best!

It's not us saying it, it's PROTÉGEZ-VOUS.

Anyone can say their ready-to-cook service is the best, but Protégez-vous says it about us. The magazine reviewed the different ready-to-cook services available, and rated us highest of all companies offering this service in Quebec. Every recipe is created by our chef, Gabe Pellerin, and our nutritionist Alexandra, to ensure that we only offer quality meals to you and your family. We already knew it, but Protégez-vous wants you to know it too. Try our recipes to get a taste.

Reasons to love Cook it

You want it, you got it.

Yes, we’re big fans of our products. But most of all we’re fans of yours. So whenever we think of something that could make you happy or simplify your life, we do it. Which means we give you a huge number of reasons to love Cook it. Sorry.

A weekly vegetarian option

Do you want to reduce the amount of meat and fish you eat? Cook it is the best way of finding out how delicious and nutritious vegetarian food can be.

Fresh, local ingredients

We prioritise supplies from smaller local producers. The shorter its journey, the better it tastes.

Learn to cook with the Academy

Learn to cook like a chef with the help of the Cook it Academy, which produces a new online tutorial each week.

Cancel when you want

No hidden fees. No minimum subscription time. No cancellation fee.

We’re making an effort to leave a smaller footprint

Our service requires a certain amount of packaging. To limit our ecological footprint, we collect our used boxes, as well as our protective insulation and our ice packs, from customers in Montreal, the South Shore and the North Shore. We’re also currently working to find ways to reduce the amount of packaging we use.

We are "tiger with a hat" fun.

For us, every meal is a party, and every member of our team adds their own touches to the dish.
With the number of new recipes prepared in our office, you would believe that the atmosphere here is festive!

Ready to change everything?

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re still not convinced about trying our ready-to-cook service, we understand; change is sometimes a little scary. But think about this: thousands of other families have taken the risk before you. And the last time we checked – one or two overcooked broccoli florets aside – no one got hurt.

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Go for it!! 2 out of every 5 people who subscribe to Cook it discover an entirely new way of living their lives.

"Honestly, I couldn’t do without Cook it now."

Stéphanie J.